SEO Outreach Specialist

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Job description

Are you passionate about driving organic growth and building strong online connections? Do you have a knack for outreach and love exploring new opportunities to expand a brand’s online presence? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join Brainstorm Force as an SEO Outreach Specialist.

Brainstorm Force is a renowned company known for world-class products used on close to 4 million websites. Our popular products include Astra, Spectra, CartFlows, Ultimate Addons, and more. We take pride in our commitment to innovation and excellence, creating products that empower website owners and marketers to achieve their digital goals

Your Role as an SEO Outreach Specialist:

As an SEO Outreach Specialist, you will play a crucial role in driving organic growth and enhancing the online visibility of our products. You will be responsible for conducting targeted outreach campaigns, building relationships with influencers, partners, and website owners to secure high-quality backlinks, brand mentions, and promotional opportunities.

You will be responsible for:

Research and Competition Analysis:

  • Conduct thorough research to identify link-building opportunities and potential outreach prospects.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of competitors’ backlinks to identify potential websites for link building.

Content Audit:

  • Analyze the quality and relevance of existing content to prioritize promotion and optimize for link acquisition, ultimately improving website authority and search rankings.
  • Identify linkable assets within own properties and leverage them for link acquisition.

Link Building:

  • Develop and implement link building strategies like guest blogging, broken link building, link exchanges, and creative approaches 
  • Acquire high-quality backlinks using techniques such as HARO and Skyscraper.

Outreach and Partnership Building:

  • Utilize social media platforms to engage with potential partners and industry influencers.
  • Craft compelling emails for outreach.
  • Build long-term partnerships with influencers, affiliates, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Negotiate to secure backlinks, guest posting opportunities, and collaborations.

Community Engagement:

  • Engage with online communities, find opportunities, and foster a positive brand image.
  • Leverage community insights to improve our outreach strategies.

SEO, Digital Marketing, and Analytics Tools:

  • Utilize various SEO and digital marketing tools to track and measure the success of outreach efforts.
  • Analyze data to optimize and refine future outreach strategies.

Performance Tracking:

  • Monitor and analyze the impact of link building efforts on website traffic, search rankings, and domain authority.
  • Utilize various tools to track and measure the success of outreach efforts.

Collaboration with SEO & Content Teams:

  • Work closely with the SEO team to integrate link building activities with broader SEO strategies.
  • Collaborate with the content team to ensure alignment of link building efforts with the overall content strategy.

Affiliate Recruitment and Marketing:

  • Collaborate with our affiliate marketing team to identify potential affiliates and partners.
  • Support affiliate recruitment efforts to expand our brand reach.

You must have these skills and experiences:

  • 1.5+ years of  experience in successful email outreach and building strong partnerships.
  • Excellent written communication skills and ability to craft persuasive and engaging emails.
  • Excellent outreach and communication skills.
  • Familiarity with email finder and outreach tools (such as Hunter, Mailshake, HubSpot, etc)
  • In-depth understanding of social media platforms and experience in influencer outreach.
  • Strong research skills to identify potential partners and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Experience in conducting competition analysis and leveraging insights for outreach strategies.
  • Proficiency in SEO tools (GA4, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.) for data-driven decision-making.
  • Excellent negotiation skills to develop win-win partnerships.
  • Experience in affiliate recruitment and marketing is a plus.

Experience with WordPress will be a significant advantage.

  • You will engage with potential partners, affiliates, influencers, and the WordPress community.
  • The knowledge of WordPress themes, plugins, website builders will be a huge plus.
  • The understanding of web designers needs and pain points will make you a strong match.

Who are we?

We are a team of designers, developers, and marketers.

As one of the most successful WordPress product companies globally, we have built an exciting place to work. We’re revolutionizing how people create websites and save money, time, and stress and empower web professionals to make beautiful websites faster than ever.

Our talented team creates products that help web professionals improve and simplify their lives. Our diverse group of individuals from all over the world ( India, US, UK, Philippines, Indonesia, Serbia, Romania, and more) work with a shared passion for product development and creating an outstanding user experience. Join a team of smart, ambitious, driven people who value open communication and processes. 🌍

What do we offer you?

We believe in working closely and bringing the best out in each other. We’re a fun, supportive, and creative group of individuals. We’ll offer you:

  • Competitive pay. 💸
  • Work from anywhere.
  • The opportunity to learn and grow in a fast-growing team.
  • We don’t micro-manage. Manage your own time as you see fit 💁
  • Flexible work environment – We believe that people work best when they have the freedom to work from wherever they choose. We don’t care where you are so long as you get the work done.
  • Fun atmosphere – let your hair down now and then.
  • Challenging tasks – Equip yourself by tackling new challenges.
  • Limitless ability to grow within the company. Many of our employees have been with us for more than 5 years and continue to grow and learn along with us.
  • Learn something new every day – Grow your career with bright possibilities
  • Fitness Motivators – Join our #FitSharks cult to be a part of a journey to boost your fitness. 💪

Sounds like a good fit?

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The hiring process

  1. Fill up the form on this page.
  2. A couple of quick emails and voice call with HR
  3. A paid assignment 
  4. Interview with the Hiring Team
  5. A formal job offer

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