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Quality Analyst

Employment type: Full-time

Roles and responsibilities

  • Should be able to read and write PHP, JavaScript & CSS code.
  • Review the code developed & suggest code improvements to the developer.
  • Suggest the usability/UX related suggestions.
  • Should have a good understanding of performance testing, responsive testing, browser testing (cross browser compatibility).
  • Report the issues/bugs as best you can – however it’s big or small.
  • Report the issues as descriptively and thoroughly as possible in smart possible manner.
  • If an addressed issue is fixed, they should wait till it gets thoroughly confirmed. Because there might be the chances that it may create another related issue.
  • Should have good communication with team members and good writing skills.
  • Prepare comprehensive QA checklist and a higher-level overview of what you’re planning to test, in what order and when.
  • Prepare documentation (with help of writers) for the better user knowledge base.
  • Take initiative to start meeting. Meet the Project Manager / Team Lead / Developer; get your questions answered; set expectations; and schedule milestones.
  • Involvement with open source projects, such as WordPress Testing.
  • Develop and maintain test automation as and wherever required.

Required KRAs for quality analyst

  • Isn’t too good with frontend / backend code, but can read it and analyze it
  • Can develop the understanding of business and problems customers try to solve
  • Likes to learn
  • Is a geek
  • Can submit PR for minor things
  • Has an eye for the details
  • Is very well organized
  • Has a good taste of design
  • Fights for good UX
  • Can write good English
  • Has good follow up skills

Expected to learn

  • Learn & understand project management tools such as ASANA, Trello etc.
  • Should be proficient in daily used apps like Gmail, Google Sheets etc.
  • Learn & understand WordPress & its coding standards (PHP, CSS, Javascript)
  • To have a good control on Git.
  • BrowserStack tool
  • GitLab Continuous Integration
  • About website performance improvements
  • About website launch checklist
  • To have a good control on Query Monitor plugin, Blackfire, PHP Performance Testing tool

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